Standing out from The Cloud - managing cloud services

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Things have changed...

The Cloud (or Internet) have changed things, Connectivity and access has become the “fifth utility”: water, gas, electricity, phone and then…internet.  Local services and storage is being replaced by 'Cloud services and cloud storage', making access to your 'stuff' so much more available and universal.

Online services and storage from a range of providers such as Google, Microsoft, Dropbox have moved data from devices into the cloud. It was no longer on the device or desk hard drive but could be anywhere across the world. Things have changed rapidly.

Like many educational settings you may have ventured (or be considering) these brave new online worlds to not only meet the technological aspirations of their students and staff, but to create the opportunity to shape pedagogical use in a way that is empowering, fulfilling and productive. These environments are not the same lumbering, heavily-managed, costly, central mechanisms of old. They are more aligned to the apocryphal Facebook mantra of “Move fast; break things”. Less Learning Platforms; more “platforms for learning”.

And when things break? What are the considerations for any organisation? How do you represent reasonable duty of care? How do you make the most of the potential these technologies offer and still provide the same safeguarding protocols consistent with those you already have?

This easy to use, 20 page A5 guide explores some vital aspects for any organisation to consider when using these services; considerations such as

  • Freedom of Information
  • Data Protection Act
  • Criminal Activity
  • Safeguarding
  • Age verification
  • Is your data, still your data


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