So You Got Naked Online - A6 Booklet

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'So you got naked online...' is a resource that helps and advises young people who may find themselves in a situation where they (or a friend) have put a sexting image or video online and have lost control over that content and who it's being shared with. 
Whilst there is a lot of advice around preventing these situations in the first place, it is very important to recognise that this does happen and those affected really need support and guidance. 

So you got naked online?  aims to do just that - it offers children, young people and parents advice and provides strategies to support the issues resulting from sexting incidents. 

It's available in Welsh as well as English

The resource covers topics such as -

  • What is sexting? 
  • Is it illegal?
  • What are the first things to do
  • Take control
  • Where to seek further advice and support
  • Self care

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