360 for Academy Groups

360 for Multi Academy Groups is available at £30 +VAT per academy per year.  When ordering please select the quantity of annual licences you require, equaling the number of academies in your group.
    • Track and monitor online safety performance of all academies
    • Identify weaknesses/ gaps in online safety provision
    • Identify where strengths are established
    • Drive towards improvement and beneficial change
    • Build an effective long term online safety strategy
    • Identify which schools are active and engaged in reviewing and improving their online safety provision

    Empowering Academies

    360 degree safe recognises that all schools and academies have differing pressures, characteristics and attributes but all commonly wanting to assess and improve their wider online safety provision.  Whilst 360 is available and free for all schools and academies to use, 360 for Multi Academy Trusts  has been created to enhance a MAT leadership team’s ability to build a global active picture of online safety  provision and compliance across the whole MAT and the quality of provision at individual academies.

    While as a MAT you might signpost your academies to the 360 degree safe tool,  how do you know if they are using it?  how do you know if they have major weaknesses?


    360 for Multi Academy Trusts  - Applying the power of intelligent data

    360 for Multi Academy Trusts presents you with a data dashboard, clearly and easily highlighting the aggregated performance of both your entire MAT and individual academies.  Strengths and weaknesses standout, making it obvious where to target provision and support intelligently and accurately.

    This enhanced access clearly enables MAT  leaders to monitor the performance and progress of their own academies; detailing which are actively using the tool, where there is  best practice, where  your attention and intervention is needed.  

    360 for Multi Academy Trusts, offers the ability to successfully and effectively drive your wider online safety improvement strategy.  Annual analysis of the 360 data by Professor Andy Phippen of Bournemouth University  clearly evidences this.  ,


    Next Steps

    To purchase a 360 Multi Academy Trusts licence please complete the sections on the following pages. A MAT must purchase a licence for every academy in the Trust. You will need to identify the officer(s) who will be granted permission to access the MAT data and reports in the 360 safe tool. If you require any further information please contact us at 360safe@swgfl.org.uk


    Price includes VAT

    Further information on 360 degree safe and its power is here



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