BOOST Certification

***Certification is a plug in to SWGfL BOOST and requires an active BOOST subscription.  
The charge is annual (whole or part year) and will sync with your BOOST subscription***

  • Specialist Online Safety training content
  • Validate their understanding with online testing
  • Management reports highlighting your staff test performance

A powerful and unique enhancement that builds the online safety knowledge and understanding of all your staff, whilst at the same time providing you with real time information that evidences your successful staff; clearly demonstrating a safer school.

Specialist Online Safety Training Content

Access to a new array of professional development content, focused on providing all staff with vital online safety knowledge presented through a series of online video clips and presentations.  Includes an overview of online safety, what the issues are and how to recognise them, managing online safety issues with an emphasis on difficult situations and finally a section on how staff can effectively manage their own digital footprint

The module doesn’t just provide the content but verifies understanding through online testing and certification…


What is Certification and how does it work?

We’re increasingly use to online testing and certification with many organisations using it to recognise staff knowledge in the areas of Health and Safety, Fire awareness etc.  We’ve recognised the benefits of this capability and have partnered with Classmarker to bring these advantages to Online Safety.

Certification is an enhancement that invites your staff to complete an online test, verifying their online safety knowledge and checking they are equipped to recognise, respond and resolve online safety issues.   If successful, it awards the individual a downloadable certificate (for their records) that recognises their achievement.


To support your staff, and as part of this module, we’ll enable your staff to access the presentations and resources content.  This will empower them to run through the content at their own speed and at their own convenience, building their own knowledge and understanding.  Once happy they can simply take the online test and, if successful, obtain their CPD certificate. 

When it comes to technology, ’change is constant’.  The certificates are designed to be taken each year, ensuring that your staff are ‘up to date’ when it comes to the latest issues, threats and responsibilities.


What do I get?

As the BOOST account holder, you will receive access to the BOOST Certification area that includes

  • Your unique online test URL
    A link that you can send, publish or share with your staff for them to take the test.
  • Performance dashboard
    The dashboard provides a ‘real time’ list of those staff members who have taken the test along with their score.  An easy report that enables you to demonstrate the capability of your wider staff


Why is this important?

  • Verifies that your staff are
    • knowledgeable when it comes to online safety and have met the standard
    • able to recognise, respond and resolve online safety issues
    • aware of their own vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrates your wider commitment to safeguarding children
  • Provides a real time audit of staff online safety skills
  • Addresses areas that Ofsted have identified as typically weak
  • Children are ultimately better safeguarded



Price includes VAT

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