Picture Perfect - Managing Image Search Engines

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Safe use of Google and Bing Image searches in a school 

“A picture is worth a thousand words” as the saying goes, so it is no accident that image search services like Google Images and Bing Image search are so popular amongst schools: an unlimited library of content that adds meaning and impact to publications and presentations.

And there lies the dilemma. By dipping randomly into this bran-tub of exciting content, occasionally you are going to stumble across a bad apple. Something that you didn’t want to see or read and which often represents an issue of duty of care for professionals. After all, parents expect schools to be safe places, don’t they?

How do we strike the balance between ensuring children and young people are empowered to use these resources and still meet our safeguarding obligations?

This exciting new publication from SWGfL explores:

  • Understanding search technology
  • Smarter filtering and control
  • Providing the right environment
  • Sharpening up search skills
  • OMG! What do we do now?
  • Education and the bigger picture

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