CyberTraps for Educators by Frederick S. Lane

This book is an essential guide for educators in understanding the issues around online technology and personal, professional and organisational reputation. Written for a US audience, this book forms the basis of the upcoming SWGfL Professional Reputation Toolkit.

“The goal of this book is to help prospective, new, and seasoned educators better understand the potential challenges raised by technology, as well as the very real legal risks that can arise through its misuse and malicious application. To be clear, I am a big fan of digital technology, and firmly believe that its myriad benefits vastly outweigh the negative consequences. At the same time, however, we need to be realistic about the potential for abuse, and do everything possible to prevent students (and educators themselves) from becoming victims of cyberabuse. My hope is that this book will help educators reflect on their own use (or misuse) of technology, and advance the conversation about how best to offer students all of the advantages of technology while minimizing the potential risks.

Excerpt From: Frederick S. Lane. “Cybertraps for Educators.” iBooks.

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