E-Safety Days

Have one of our specialists present to your children and young people

The SWGfL Online Safety Team delivers a wide range of E-Safety sessions to organisations that work with children and young people. For schools, academies, colleges (indeed any organisation who work with children), sessions are tailored to meet your audience whether it's children and young people; as well as staff and governors or School Leadership Teams.  All sessions are delivered at your premises.

The focus of E-safety sessions is on:

  • An overview of the risks and benefits of technology
  • Exploring the technologies young people use and the behaviours associated with them
  • An understanding of Social Networking, online communications and gaming
  • Strategies to reduce risk and increase resilience
  • Practical resources, E-safety curriculum plans and links to additional organisations
  • Access to award winning self review tools


The following is an outline of the sessions that can be tailored to suit your needs:

Classroom sessions for Children and young people (Typical sessions each last 60mins) 

KS4 and 6th Form presentations on reputation, ethics and consequences. A pragmatic, entertaining and truthful presentation that examines digital reputation, digital footprint and its impact on how potential colleagues and employers judge a young person from what can be found online. 

KS3 This presentation focuses on privacy, social networks, downloading and online gaming

KS2 How to stay safe and have fun. This session focuses on the technologies younger children use at home and the use of collaborative sites. (If a group is smaller than 64 students it may utilise the Promethean learning response system to gain accurate and honest responses from pupils and also provides the school with a detailed spreadsheet that allows them to identify students whose behaviour could put them at risk)

KS1 A tailored session of around 40 minutes that can include some simple games and activities about the online world.


Staff  and volunteer development sessions (Duration: 90mins) These sessions can be run as 'twilights' or as part of a staff development day in school, or to suit the requirements of the organisation. These sessions bring staff up to date with current risks, behaviours and technologies; outline strategies to protect professional identity and introduce staff to self review tools.


Prices include VAT 

Please note travel expenses are charged in addition and advised on confirmation

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