Online Safety Staff Room Posters A4

*Staff room staples* 

The Professionals Online Safety Helpline are happy to launch this set of important and informative posters. An essential tool for any school staff room, this information draws on issues we get called about every day. They offer some practical tips and advice based on four crucial areas;

  • Filtering
  • Online Challenges
  • Positive Online Presence
  • Searching, screening and confiscation  (based on DFE guidance)

Common online issues will now have a point of reference in a school setting. This will also provide staff with clear steps & actions to take whilst signposting them back to the helpline for further advice and support. 

You can purchase each A4 poster separately at 70 p per copy or in a set of four at £2 and receive a free A3 Professionals Online Safety Helpline poster.

We offer free P&P on orders over £20.  Price includes VAT.

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