SWGfL Whisper

SWGfL Whisper is an anonymous reporting service, enabling you to capture comments, reports, issues and situations from your children, parents and staff.  It consists of a website button / link that launches an online dialogue-box to capture information or details for anyone who needs to report issues to the school. That information is then immediately sent to an email address nominated by you. It also comprises an integrated SMS service that enables anyone to txt in their message. Both services can be regarded as anonymous if the user chooses to withhold their personal information.


How does it work?

Create an account for your schoolwith our quick and easy sign-up.

Add your reporting details and style your reporting page to capture incidents.

Add the Report button to your website with our easy button generator. 

Get notifications of incidents as they occur by SMS or email.

What are the benefits?

Whisper provides you with a better understanding of issues arising within the school.

It encourages pupils to report inappropriate behaviour without fearing the concequences. 

Whisper helps teachers respond quickly to issues by providing email and SMS alerts the moment an incident is reported.


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